registration help

  1. Sign up for the Dime Membership under the Memberships option. Cost is $79.99/month plus a one time $20 join fee. Any signups before October 1st will be billed on October 1st.


2. After you have signed up for our membership, you can start scheduling your clinics. Please select any of the ones highlighted below.


3. When you select one of those clinics, you will see the number of sessions available for your player (see below picture highlight in orange). Click on that button to use your credits to schedule a clinic. If you have run out of clinics for the month and want more, you can click on the “Purchase” button below (highlighted in purple). It will give you options for the drop-in clinic or the 4 clinic package.


4. Schedule your clinic by picking a date and time. Click on the “Book” button.


5. After you have booked your clinic, you will see the booking under “My Schedule” and also the remaining session credits left.


6. That’s it! Enjoy. Please don’t forget to book your credits every month. They do not carry over to the next month. They are replenished on your billing day.

Any additional questions, please email