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Perfect for those that have some experience playing and want to keep developing their techniques. We currently offer two clinics: Passing & Defense and Serving & Hitting. Ages 12 and up.



Get club training without paying club pricing. Dime Juniors is a startup program meeting every Thursday at 6PM. Cost is $375 for 3 months. Girls ages 12 and under only.



No Dime Clinics on Saturday Oct19 and Saturday Oct26

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Dime Volleyball Clinics are small group clinics focused on improving particular skills through repetition. We are not a club. We are a volleyball teaching and training facility. Club is where players go to play and compete. Dime is where they go to train and excel!. Our goal is to help your player improve at their position.

WHY dime


SKILL/position FOCUS

At Dime, we allow for players to focus on the skill or position they want to improve on. They can spend the entire clinic on just honing in and perfecting their technique. Setters can work on being more accurate with their sets. Hitters can work on ball placement on the court and passers can work on precision passing to the target.


Dime is about one thing, mastering volleyball fundamentals! We are committed and dedicated to making sure our athletes are learning and mastering correct technique and footwork from the very start, no exception.

repetition, repetition, repetition

Practice Makes Perfect! How often is a middle blocker set in a club practice? Maybe 10-15 sets. How many serves go to an outside hitter in a school practice? Maybe 10-15 serves. At Dime, hitters average 50-70 hits and passers average 40-50 serve receives per session. Repetition is the key in developing and improving any volleyball skills and our clinics are designed to provide players with as many touches as possible.


In Orange County, a private coaching session averages $75 to $100 per hour with gym rental. Dime provides the same quality of coaching and training at a fraction of that cost.