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introducing dime membership


To commemorate our one year anniversary, the Dime Team invites you to the new join Dime Membership program. Dime Membership provides the best and most cost-effective way for our players to train continuously throughout the year. We believe consistent training is the key to dramatic improvement and development.

Dime Membership Details

$79.99/month + $20 join fee with 3 month minimum commitment

4 clinic credits per month (credits do not carry over to next month)

purchase any additional clinics at 25% off

Cancel anytime (after the commitment period) by giving us one month's notice via email

Early signups are now available!

Members will be billed starting October 1st.







Dime membership: $79.99/month (3 month commitment) + $20 join fee

By becoming a Dime Member, you get the best value for your dollar. We recommend this option if you like our program and want to train continuously and consistently with us.



FOUR CLINIC PACKAGE : 4 clinic credits for $135

This a la carte option is suitable if you are just trying us out and are not yet ready to make a commitment or if you’ve used up the monthly credits included with your Dime Membership



DROP IN CLINIC : 1 clinic credit for $35

Checking us out for the first time? Select this option to see what we’re all about!


Clinic schedule




Description: This passing portion of this clinic focuses on general passing techniques, serve receive and digging attacks. Athletes spend a significant amount of time and reps on trying to get that pass to the target. The setting portion of this clinic works on basic setting techniques and reading the passers to push that ball to the target.




Description: Serving is one of the most important keys to winning a game. Consistent, powerful well placed serves can help your team go on long service runs, racking up the points. Hitting is another focus point of this session. We will show you the footwork, timing and contact points in order to have a successful kill.



Dime Volleyball Clinics are small group clinics focused on improving particular skills through repetition. We are not a club. We are a volleyball teaching and training facility. Club is where players go to play and compete. Dime is where they go to train and excel!. Our goal is to help your player improve at their position.

WHY dime


SKILL/position FOCUS

At Dime, we allow for players to focus on the skill or position they want to improve on. They can spend the entire clinic on just honing in and perfecting their technique. Setters can work on being more accurate with their sets. Hitters can work on ball placement on the court and passers can work on precision passing to the target.

repetition, repetition, repetition

Practice Makes Perfect! How often is a middle blocker set in a club practice? Maybe 10-15 sets. How many serves go to an outside hitter in a school practice? Maybe 10-15 serves. At Dime, hitters average 50-70 hits and passers average 40-50 serve receives per session. Repetition is the key in developing and improving any volleyball skills and our clinics are designed to provide players with as many touches as possible.

small class sizes

Dime clinics are limited to eight players per court per coach, unlike the usual twelve to fourteen players at club or school practices. This ensures for more one on one attention to improve each player.


Dime is about one thing, mastering volleyball fundamentals! We are committed and dedicated to making sure our athletes are learning and mastering correct technique and footwork from the very start, no exception.


In Orange County, a private coaching session averages $75 to $100 per hour with gym rental. Dime provides the same quality of coaching and training at a fraction of that cost.