Dime Volleyball center


What does Dime stands for?

Dime is an old volleyball slang for The Perfect Pass!

Is Dime a club?

Dime is a practice facility and training center. We are not a club. We are not affiliated with any clubs and we do not recruit or encourage our members to join any particular club.

How is Dime different from my club team practice?

Dime sessions are skill specific driven and individualized.  Club practices are more general and team focused.

How many players are in each session?

Each session is limited to 8 players on a court. 

Are there advanced and beginner sessions or are all players grouped together?

We are grouping all players together for now because the drills are designed to challenge each player individually.  You do not depend on other players in your group like club practices.  Once we have more days and hours, we will group the players into their levels.

What happened if my sessions are full?

We will always try to accommodate any member so please email us or call us so we can help.  There is a waiting list for full sessions.

What if I don’t show up for my session?

If you don’t cancel your session within 24 hours, we will count that toward your package credits.  By not showing up, you are taking a spot from someone on the waiting list. 

Do I have to start at the beginning of the month?

No, you can start any time with Dime. 


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Alan Cheng is the founder of Dime Volleyball Training Center and has over 30 years of competitive volleyball and coaching experience. His unique background in biomechanics and volleyball has been instrumental to his success as a coach for young and advanced players alike.

“I created Dime because I want an affordable, convenient, and quality training center where volleyball players of all different levels can come to develop and advance their skills on a regular basis. I like to think of Dime as the “batting cage” of volleyball.”



Trinity United Presbyterian Church - 13922 Prospect Avenue, Santa Ana, California 92705

Passing & Setting - Saturdays 9am-1030am

Serving & Hitting - Saturdays 1030am-12pm

The GYM is a building called “The Center” and has an adjacent parking lot when you enter in from 17th ST (see picture below).


Columbus Tustin Middle School - 17952 Beneta Way, Tustin, CA 92780

Passing & Setting - Thursdays 6-730pm

Serving & Hitting - Thursdays 730-9pm

The parking lot for the gym is located underneath the solar paneling and adjacent to the tennis courts. Please see picture below.